How To Save Money On Hotel Accommodation

When you go on vacation, hotel accommodations are often the biggest travel expense, along with flights.

Fortunately there are a variety of resources available today that can help you save money on hotel accommodations, so you can relax and actually enjoy your vacation, without worrying about returning home with an empty wallet.

When it comes to finding hotel accommodation I like to find the best value for my money, rather than book the cheapest place possible. (I’m not a big fan of sharing bathrooms or roughing it when I’m on vacation).

Your hotel accommodation will depend on a few different factors:

a) your budget
b) your chosen destination and location of the hotel
c) your travel companions (how many people you’re traveling with and their comfort levels)
d) your comfort level and necessary hotel amenities
e) your interests and the type of vacation you wish to enjoy

1. Early Booking

While last minute deals can sometimes be found, planning ahead is the key to saving money when booking hotels.

When you plan ahead, you’ll be given more hotel options, which means it’ll be easier to find one in your desired price point and in the location you want.

On the other hand, if you leave booking to the last minute, hotels might be limited and they could be more expensive than if you had booked in advance.

Hotels may also reward their guests with a special discount for advanced bookings which is all the more reason to plan ahead!

2. Flexible Schedule

Having a flexible schedule goes hand in hand with saving money. One way to save is by visiting your chosen destination during the off or shoulder season.

This worked in my favour when I went to London in November. Despite it being a little chilly, I got a great deal on my flight and hotel, plus it was nice to enjoy sightseeing without the large summer crowds.

3. Shop Around

Do you know that different travel websites offer different prices for the same hotel room? As such shop around to get the best hotel deals. In order to save time you can use to do hotel price comparison for you desire hotels. is one of the most celebrated websites on the web, where you can get to search and compare hotel prives in more than 120K destinations in more than 126 travel portals.

4. Join Rewards Program

Many hotels and travel sites offer a free rewards program for guests to join, which allows you to earn points each time you book with them. The more you book the more points you get and these points can be converted to $ to book your next hotel rooms.

5. Book Directly To Hotel

While third party travel websites might offer a good deal, sometimes booking directly through the hotel will guarantee you the lowest rate.

Always check to see if there’s a special promotion or package available on the hotel – this could include a dining credit, late check out or a free room upgrade.

Promotions and packages usually vary by season, and you might save even more money by staying during their low season. Some hotels offer book 2 nights free 1 night.

When you compare hotel prices at , look for Direct Hotel Booking and you will able compare the prices with other travel sites.

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